There are few better recommendations than those coming from someone with nothing to gain. Here are some comments made by our clients:

Linda L.
"You invest your savings and your dreams in a new home and cross your fingers that it lives up to all your expectations. Engaging Scott Cowden to perform a home inspection provided me the reassurance that I needed during this exciting time. His thorough, meticulous inspection of my property gave me a realistic picture of the potential faults and pitfalls, suggestions to prioritize and address any needed improvements, and a complete photographic and easy-to-understand report that became an integral part of my future plans. As with any profession, not all practitioners are equal. I feel fortunate to benefit from Scott’s training and experience. It was a true pleasure to include Scott in one of the most important milestones in my life. Enthusiastic two thumbs up, Scott, and many, many thanks."
Ian Woods
“Scott Cowden is a very professional home inspector who helped me determine what needed to be done to turn an In-law apartment into a registered second suite. He was ready willing and able to Help me in any way he could to help me sell my listing in Barrie. His experience in Fire Code matters helped immensely in determining what needed to be done to upgrade the In-law apartment in the house I had listed and therefore help me get it ready for sale. I would strongly recommend Scott Cowden as a building inspector because if he can handle this kind of inspection he can, I’m sure, handle any home inspection and do a very good job.”
“Hi Scott! Thank you for doing the inspection on the church property in Glencairn last week. The owner and I were very happy with the observations and insights you gave on the condition of the building and its foundation. We were better able to determine its true market value, knowing the areas that need attention. The report you gave us was very thorough and we would highly recommend your services. The one day turn around on the paperwork was also really appreciated.”
“We hired Scott Cowden on extremely short notice, and without hesitation, Scott showed up at the property ready to do the home inspection when we needed him to. He was very helpful, he explained every little detail that was relevant to the Home Inspection. Scott was very polite with us, the agents and the tenets. Scott also provided us with a comprehensive report that covered our home inspection, and spent about an hour with me on the phone explaining every last bit of the report. I am extremely satisfied with the service that Scott provided and I would highly recommends Cowden & Associates. Considering I am a first time home-buyer, Scott has provided me with a lot of useful information that I should know.”
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