Home Inspection Services

Our Inspectors are Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and adhere to the Code of Conduct we will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your potential purchase and explain in detail our findings.
Our inspectors use a methodical approach to look at your potential purchase. From the landscaping around the house, from the basement to the peak of the roof, we visually examine the structure and systems within to provide you with a snapshot of the current condition of the home.
Our role is not to tell you to buy or not buy any particular house, but to provide you the information you’ll need to make an educated and informed decision that is right for your circumstances.
We provide a comprehensive report with explanatory materials and photographs so you fully understand your decision to purchase.

Some of the systems we inspect:

Properly installed and maintained eaves-trough is critical to the long term health of the building and its occupants.
The management of water, keeping it outside of your building envelope is one of the most important long term priorities.

“leaking eaves-trough”

“lot drainage”

Lot grading is also extremely important.  Let’s face it: It’s going to rain, you can count on it just like death and taxes. Make the lot your building sits on help you keep water out of the basement. Ensure that good lot drainage is part of your solution.

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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